G Suite: An introduction to getting started working in the Cloud

Discover how G Suite (formerly Google Apps) can help your team be productive and collaborative from day one.

Simon Parker, Mar 21, 2018


How to get started with Google Drive the right way

Need to ensure that all your staff or partners have the most up-to-date version of company figures for that crucial sales pitch? Get started with Google Drive and store your files in the cloud.

Pascal Aubort, Oct 17, 2017


Generate email addresses and random passwords using Google Sheets custom functions

Back to School also means creating students and staff G Suite accounts for Admins. Make your life easier with Google Sheets custom functions.

Pascal Aubort, Aug 20, 2017


Build and deploy your website on Google App Engine using a script

Make deploying your site to Google App Engine easy and less error prone using a sript. Learn How!

Pascal Aubort, May 1, 2017


Add SSL Certificates to your static website without redeploying on App Engine

This tutorial describes how to add SSL Certificates to your website hosted on Google App Engine without redeploying, using GAE Memcache.

Pascal Aubort, Feb 8, 2017


How to build a static site using Cloud9, Hugo and hosted on App Engine (GAE)

This article describes how we built our website using a quick and easy workflow. Developped on Cloud9, built with Hugo and deployed on Google App Engine.

Pascal Aubort, Jan 4, 2017