Why choose Loyall

Honest and holistic cloud IT solutions for professional and innovative organizations like yours.

Expertise and Proximity

Loyall GmbH is a Swiss cloud IT consulting company based in Zurich. We specialize in cloud communication and organization technology for small and medium-sized businesses and educational institutions.

Loyalty and Transparence

Our ultimate mission is to provide you with the best, and most affordable cloud IT solutions to meet both your immediate needs and your long-term business goals, no matter what industry you’re in.

Tailored Solutions

At Loyall, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and we work to delicately tailor each option to suit your business, not our bank account. We pride ourselves on being transparent and goal-oriented each and every day while providing incredible value and honest, world-class IT support.

Are you a small or medium-sized business?

With the adoption of shared IT infrastructure, businesses benefit at multiple levels. Distributed companies reduce the needs for travel and still enjoy the possibility of conducting face-to-face meetings using videoconferencing services. Improve the information flow and communication with your teams and customers by sharing and collaborating on documents online.

Are you a school or educator?

The task of educating our future generations is an enormous responsibility, and we partner with your educational institution to make it less stressful for your teachers. As your technology partner with experience in education, we help you transform your institution by introducing technology in the classroom as well as your administration department.

Are you an NGO or Non-Profit?

Between volunteers, donors, and your dedicated charity, finding the time to streamline communication across all channels can be a chore. Fortunately, cloud-based tools make it easy by aggregating all of your necessary daily programs into easily accessible platforms that work to support your good work from every angle.

Robust and wide-ranging IT services


We work directly with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals. We explore all possible options to formulate an ideal solution that is perfectly adapted to their individual needs. During this phase, we also define the scope, schedule, and milestones for a successful implementation of your perfect cloud IT solution.


The implementation phase includes the technical deployment of the selected solution, as well as any migration from the current legacy systems. Because the human aspect is extremely important when introducing new ways of working, in collaboration with our client, we create a change management process which spans over the course of the entire implementation.


Your technical staff and end-users will benefit from individual training sessions, as well as group workshops. Providing the right training in the right format is critical in ensuring high user adoption for your end-users as well as giving your technical staff the tools to administer the solution.


During the implementation, we offer free unlimited support. Subsequently, we provide support on a case-by-case basis, which means you pay per use, without signing complicated contracts nor advance payments.

Meet the Loyall team

Pascal Aubort


After having graduated in Media, Management & Engineering, I have had the chance to work and gain experience within non-profit organizations in Africa and Bulgaria. Later I joined Google in Zurich where I was Operations Manager for Google Street View in Europe, before joining a successful Zurich Startup as Technical Project Manager where I was able to collect in-depth technical knowledge. Inbetween I have had the chance to travel - sometimes for longer periods of time - which gave me even more tools and openness to understand customer needs and respond to them in the best way possible. My fluency in French, English and German allow for successful communication. I am very excited to begin a new adventure with Loyall GmbH which was founded in September 2016.

Viola Schlumberger


After having completed an apprenticeship including BMS I have started my career in the Recruitment sector at Kelly Services. After that I had the unique opportunity to work at Google in Zurich and was able to contribute to amazing growth and influence the company on many levels. Google Zurich grew from 40 to 1200+ employees in “only” 6 years. In parallel I also completed the Personalfachfrau studies. I then left Google to travel the world and with that expand my horizon. In between two longer travels I have worked at Zurich Insurances and Appway as a Recruiter and am now co-responsible for Business Development, Marketing and Administration at Loyall GmbH. I am fluent in Swiss-German, English, Spanish and French.