Maximize your IT flexibility. data security. creativity. collaboration.

We implement tailored cloud IT solutions for your business, school or non-profit, resulting in enhanced collaboration, increased security and a unique competitive advantage.

How you can benefit from the cloud

Whether you’re new to the amazing utility that cloud computing has to offer, or you’re already on the cloud bandwagon, our professional IT solutions can streamline your daily processes and maximize your output with a customized solution designed specifically for your needs and goals.


Increased security

Strong authentication, multi-level physical security, and encryption to keep your data safe. Protect your data and enforce your company policies.


Save time & money

No more expensive hardware and licenses on your premises.



Increase your team collaboration using the newest and most accessible technology available.


More flexibility

The pay-as-you-go model allows for maximum flexibility because you are only charged for the accounts you are currently using.


Disaster recovery

The shared and distributed infrastructure allows for very high availability and automatic data recovery.


Up-to-date software

Always access the latest software without the need to update it yourself.


Work from anywhere

Your data is accessible from anywhere and on any device anytime you need it.


Competitive edge

Gain access to state of the art technology and increase your competitiveness.


Green workplace

Environmentally-friendly shared data centers reduce the environmental footprint of your business.

What we do for you

At Loyall, we work to offer a comprehensive suite of business communication tools and cloud IT solutions to help you enhance your flexibility and productivity across all facets of your organization.

G Suite

Affordable and powerful, the addition of G Suite to your business can help you improve productivity and communication.
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Private Cloud

Keep your data close to home with a robust private cloud solution that offers regulated storage based on your needs.
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Already used by millions around the world, cost-effective and easy to deploy, Chromebook laptops are an easy investment for any business, school or non-profit.
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Why choose Loyall for your digital transformation

With more than a decade of cloud IT experience in our corner, Loyall is the premier choice for your business or school IT needs.

We firmly believe in a transparent business model that relies on loyalty and knowledge to get things done. With these principles in mind, we consult on and implement IT solutions that are perfectly adapted to our customer’s needs first, rather than filling a quota. We also practice a vendor neutral approach that focuses on the best solution for our customer’s needs, rather than loyalties to specific suppliers.


One size does not fit all

At Loyall, there are no one-size-fits-all IT solutions. Each client receives dedicated care and solutions that are tailored specifically to their long-term goals.


Agile techniques

No matter how many new things come to light or how many times you change your mind, our agile project management techniques keep things right on track.


We're multi-lingual

Our team speaks several different languages, including German, French and English. This allows us to get a message across and work directly with your team more efficiently.